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Were aiming to be a high end PVE guild that  holds serious raids with a fun atmosphere and we focus on quality in skill and if mistakes are made they are learnt from and developed.

Why the guild was created...

I personally was tired of seeing many good players being left out of guild raids and friends asked me to create a guild full of fairness and teaching to newer players with potential while there are simply bad players out there i will root out the good ones and teach them to be great raiders with paitence i belive this guild will go along way to become one of the greats, but these great things will come with time and as such need loyalty and patience.

What will be expected of you..

As a member of death dealers your attendance is most important we will be raiding 2-3 times a week, complaints about wiping on progress bosses wont b accepted and I can guarantee I will find the cause of the wipes and deal with them.To bring consumables to each and every progress raid and stay the full duration of the raid unless you tell me before hand. You Must always be in top condition and learn from mistakes I can understand if you are unfamiliar with tactics so fail a few times but repeat ably failing on the basics is not acceptable.
Must be able to take the pressure.. far too often you see very nice dps on easy boss's then as soon as some tactics come to play the dps drops due to panic. We also will require everyone to have ventrilo and a mic, even if you dont talk on the mic its very important to have one while raiding even if its just to shout out SWAP!

what you can expect from me.....

As the guild starts out i will be concentrating on the main raid team getting to know one another whilst i will be strict with raid progress runs i take a relaxed aproach to farm runs and will help any guildy out as much as possible I.E gearing up making items for use enchannts ect. ect. I am very well known across emeriss as a good raid leader and as such will pass my skills onto anyone who wants to learn.


Raid days are monday, wednesday and sunday.20:00 - 00:00 Wednesday will be progress night and will contain the guilds best geared and most experianced players while sunday and monday will b alt and social player farms to improve and teach our other players do not worry if you havnt raided on one day you will definatly get to raid on the next this I guarantee as your guild leader.

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higherelf, May 7, 11 8:30 AM.
recruiting is going well we will be starting raiding very soon
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